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public transportation. >> yes. we have the latest. >> forget about asking who planned events on the same weekend? it's time to strategize how to get around the city in two days. allen has been a cabby to years. >> you want to avoid embarcadero. >> one of two lanes will be closed to cars. only bicycles and emergency vehicles will be allowed and fleet week and along the embarcadero and along the marina green. it's an opportunity to makeup to $1,000 a day for working 12 hours. >> we're crossing our fingers to go home with a nice vacation to tahiti at the end of the weekend. >> the giants play this week. there are special taxi zones
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near the ballpark. with other events like hardly strictly glue grass festival the drivers will try to cross the city using streets like golden gate, fell, and oak, and you should, too. >> the strategy to keep moving. i don't line up in hotels and just wait for fares. >> that worries michael whose job sit to find taxies for guests at the st. francis hotel. >> tomorrow won't be like this, i'll be out there in the street. and one will come around, five minutes later another will come around. >> patience is perhaps the best virtue to have this weekend. >> it's going to take a while to get through traffic. >> and what are you going to be doing? >> watching it on television. >> and there is several things on the web site abc 7 news to
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help you out. he can tell you bart rb running longer trains tomorrow and helping people and to golden gate park. rico saying that two wheels are better than four, in this case. three wheels. >> that is right. >> thank you very much. good luck tomorrow. >> leanne, you look comfortable there. thank you. >> and there is a right now driving up to a gas station, your iz are go tok pop out. there is serious sticker shock. gas prices jump bid more than 20 cents overnight in parts of the state this, is because of problems at refineries. the average price for a gallon of regular climbed to $4.60 this morning.
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and there is prices that are a bargain if you can believe it. >> there is just days ago, $4.29 would have been no big deal. today it's a good deal. sand gee willing to wait. >> to fill his gas tank its just a matter of we're just going to soak you a little bit more. you know? they don't care. >> prices have jumped, say experts because of a drop in supply and some people weren't buying that explanation. >> this is outrageous. i don't and am not sure what the reason is for that. >> and there is a low turn out because of high prices. there is so many, the owner
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had to use upside down twos to make the signs work. >> i need to get where i'm going. i come in like i do once per week and fill her up. and just don't pay attention to prices. >> this is gas prices that are going to go up and down. i'm not going to let it bother me. >> that is independent stations like this one are shutting down temporarily because of a high gas prices. the station owner closed down for the day wednesday because no one would buy the gas he had to pay for wholesale. he tried negotiating with a supplier but got nowhere. >> there is when i said we
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need to talk he closed again after only getting four customers in one hour. >> no fewer than 10 cruisers converged on the campus during lunch hour, officials heard rumors something might happen. they would not elaborate on what that may be. in the end nothing happened. >> in salinas police say they will not charge a man who killed a teenager and wounded another one while stopping a robbery at this restaurant. the good samaritan saw his friend being held up. police say a 17-year-old was killed. and authorities believe the two were trying to rob this store. >> there is a school district alerting parents after a flasher exposed himself to a girl near campus. a student was walking home when a man in a dark sedan slowed down and exposed himself. the girl walked back to the
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school reporting the incident. >> and there is police have two suspects in custody for an armed robbery in august. they're charged with second degree robbery of the store on college avenue. investigators say they're looking for others involved in the robbery. >> going to hayward, police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. >> there is a news conference there that just wrapped up. nick smith joins us live with the latest. nick? >> good afternoon. residents i spoke with -- sorry about that. i'm trying to... >> the suspect did not comply with his orders and the suspect then reached for a weapon. and the officer was forced to
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use lethal force. >> and there is a problem with the transmission on nick's report. we'll get it for you later in this newscast or abc 7 news at 5:00. >> police are looking for two men who swindled an elderly woman out of a life savings. investigators released these sketches z police say the men duped a woman into giving them money after one claimed he had a winning lottery ticket. this scam has targeted latino victims. >> there is health officials warning rez don'ts avoid touching bats. a 34-year-old resident dived contracting rain ease. the man succumbed to the illness and officials say he may have contracted it after coming into a contact with a rabid bat. >> a bat was flopping on the ground. and acting weird. another individual picked up
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the bat with a bag and the gentleman who died went over and stuck his hand in the bag and was likely bitten. >> most cases happen after it is bitten. once symptoms again, -- begin, it is almost always fatal in humans. >> this is in saratoga county. all southbound lanes are closed and you can see why. authorities aren't sure how this began but do say lanes are slick with moisture. two people were seriously injured and 25 others have been taken to the hospital. >> there is another instance of seats coming lose on jets this, time, grounding a flight out of san francisco the airline says the flight to mim was canceled this morning after a row of economy seats on that boeing 7 a57 came loose before takeoff. >> there is a a cool down
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here. >> despite the cool down we've got clear skies and there are high heights. and here in san francisco, we've got low to mid-70s jufts abouter wrefr else there is our first forecast looking ahead during evening hours there is clear to partly cloudy skies. there is lots of sun and lingering clouds. low temperatures range from 58 into coolest spots to 56 in orm locations z mainly sunny skies and owe coastal clouds, high temperatures from mid 60s to mid-70s inland. there is a a longer look at the forecast. >> thank you. still ahead at 4:00 there is a new store opening in the bay
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area. >> and shortage on a popular drink. it's now hitting black market. how much consumers are willing to pay to get their fix. >> and zynga takes a dive. and stories and more coming up. >> take a look at traffic. what we've been hoping to be a get away friday. and and right there it's going to be a weekend filled with gridlock. all over the bay area, stay with us, more still to come at
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newest addition to union square opened doors today, mayor ed lee welcomed unique glow during a ribbon cutting this morning. >> three, two, one. >> and and and there is an array of colors. the store will have a magic mirror. take a look at this. >> ask and i want a mirror that changes my body. >> there is bloomberg west. hi, nicole. >> and good afternoon, larry and carolyn. zynga needs all of the help it can get. now, the company deadlocked
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developers. >> and yesterday, and today the stocks only 12% at the close. $2.48 when it finished and there is only a handful of tech companies have gone public. and now, we can have another one, look out for ruckus that makes wireless equipment. suggesting only $94 million, net income $24 million and our secondary offerings, guys new ipo? well, maybe if you're a debt company it's doing well. and network security company is almost up 60% since it went public a few months ago, business software maker had
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more than doubled since it's june's ipo. and companies hold offerings like secondary to try to raise additional capitol. samsung gaining on apple. the giant is winning big with its phones. earnings in the mobile part of the business just soared 93%. this comes after samsung lost a patent war with rival and apple. >> adell's new song setting new records today at the top of the charts. it became number one less than 10 hours after it was released at 00 p british time to this morning. today is global james bond day making it the 50th anniversary of the release of the first
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bond film "dr. no.". there is take a look at the markets, guys. stocks were mixed after the unemployment rate surprisely dropped to 7.8% that is the lowest since president obama took office. there you go. the geek squad going to a place no geek has gone before. talking about target and there is ebay added around the clock support for $30 for three months, $50 for six months. and we have seen them, there is black tied and white shirted geeks will descend on 28 targets at the test system. in san francisco, larry and carolyn have a great weekend,
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guys. >> you, too. thank you. >> in addition to gas there is another shortage that has consumers on edge. there is a shortage of pumpkin spice lattes at starbucks stores because of high demand. and there is they do admit supplies are low because of infrequent dhifrys. and there is a black market now for this stuff. >> there is it. >> call me if you want your pumpkin spice. >> let's spice up the weather. there are things looking good for the weekend. there is a lot going on with fleet week. there is america's cup and playoffs but the weekend weather is shaping up and there is where there are high
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clouds overhead. there is a lovely afternoon, take a look at live doppler 7 hd. there is a' few clouds overhead. here is a look at our forecast featuring mostly cloudy skies overnight. partly cloudy skies early. there is lots of sunshine in the daytime. there is a chance of showers so isolated on monday, tuesday. there is clouds reaching inland becoming mostly cloudy in some areas and lows into low to mid 50s and cooler in north bay valleys. and there is this upper level low that we've been showing you is not moving much in our
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direction at the moment. so we'll set up at 7:00 this evening we'll see a mix of sun and clouds over the weekend and there is a move in our direction monday and tuesday and could produce isolated showers. there is possible we can see scattered showers just about anywhere here monday and tuesday. tomorrow, sunny skies and there are high temperatures into low to mid-70s. there are 70s in redwood city. mid-60s on the coast and mild downtown san francisco as well. there are up into the north bay there is upper 50s to low 70s, east bay, 70s in newark there is 75 in pittsburgh. highs into 60s mainly near the
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bay. 70s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. there is a brief pattern there. there are mid-70s inland. and these people are taking a chance. there is the winner announced on thursday night october 18th. you, too, can answer. and then click the button for details you that need z win money. >> that would with nice. >> then, you can buy pumpkin spice laut yeahs. >> and darrell hannah, behind bars what. the actress did that got her locked up in texas. >> and there is a star that
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brags about his latest project like never before. >> taking a look at traffic right now, this is the bay brinl toll plaza it looks really light. very easy to get into san francisco right now. áñ
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an arrest in texas is making a splash. deputies took darrell hannah into custody. that is her on the left next to former texas land owner that was also arrested. and. >> there is actor ben afleck raving about his latest film. and jay-z inviting fans to watch the concert online. >> ben afleck pulling triple duty as the star, director and producer. we caught up with him and his cast mates last night at red carpet premier, afleck plays a cia agent trying to get six americans out of iran and back to the u.s.. >> this is a move qee i've
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never said this before. the best movie i've ever been involved with. i'm proud of it oo. ben call immediate and said brian very have a and it's going to the public theater in new york and in honor of the founders and director friends and there is a world wide grab. tomorrow night the last show will be streamed live on you tube. this. >> and stocks get a lift but is it enough to help the country's recovery? what do the numbers mean? >> and a career change for ann
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romney. the job she's filling in on and how you can see her in action. >> and a meningitis care. a warning and what you need
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wall street couldn't decide and take a look. the dow gained 35 points and nasdaq fell 13 points. >> abc 7 news is here now with more on what these new figures mean in the race for the white house. >> this has more to do with politics than the economy. the weekend ending on an up note. unemployment number fell and. >> this is over 500 people that they've already hired in this store. that is a fabulous contribution. >> there is a 23-year-old that drove from tahoe with three
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days of work. mark joe hoping to get on full time here this, is the best job he's had in two years. >> a lot of places are hiring. >> this means more in the political world than in the economy this, takes away a favorite line. >> we've had 43 months of unemployment above 8%. >> and this reason its come down is tu to the -- due to the fact that more people have just stopped looking for work. >> the labor department says it's because of the substantial increase in employment. >> there is not an excuse to try to talk down the economy to score political points. >> in san francisco there are signs of an improving job market. and in this beauty supply store, he's just hired an employee. >> he'd been unemployed for five or six months and this is before she found a job.
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>> he says he's buying into the republican line that today's numbers might have been fudged. >> i won't bet my mortgage on these being correct that. is for sure. >> and the fact that republicans are questioning the number is a good indication of how much they fear it could influence the election. >> the president is heading back to the bay area to raise more money for his campaign. and admission prices range from 100ses today $7500 and ann romney will make a appearance guest hosting "good morning america" joining george stephanopoulos at the anchor desk. and abc says it's in discussion was michelle obama for a similar appearance. >> and there are just a few
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days to go, voting begins monday for both in person and mail in voters. millions will be able to join voters in other states that voted early already. >> this is monday, marking the 29th day before election day. it means they can send out ballots and voters who want to vote in person can head down to the elections office and vote in person there. >> and some elections offices will be closed on monday for the columbus day holiday. the ballots sent out tuesday, if you have not registered to vote deadline is october 22. >> federal health officials issuing a warning about a meningitis outbreak that killed eight people nationwide. there have been no confirmed cases in california. and this out break could be getting worse. >> patsy bivens says her first
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steroid injection seemed like a god send but a month later she was notified by her hospital that the shot may have condition tained a rare strain of fungal meningitis. >> i'm not just concerned for me, but many. >> that is because the shot was sent from a specialty pharmacy to 75 clinics in 23 states. as many as a thousand americans may be affected. >> only usually causes problems in people with immune problems but here, injected into the spine. it goes up to the brain. causes inflammation, here, in some people it can cause a stroke. >> early symptoms could be headaches, fever, stiff neck, taking from a week tho a month to develop so health officials are on high alert. anyone injecting in the spine since july should check to see if it's from that tainted source. >> early treatment could improve the outcome of the
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patients. >> bivens says for now she's just trying to stay positive. >> prayer. and that is what we'll do. you know? pray. not just for me but for many others that had injections. >> that is the pharmacy shut down operations. officials are investigating. a bchl c news, new york. >> here in california there are warnings about flu season. department of health urging californians to get vaccinated. there are two strains in the vaccine, both different from last year arks cording to the cdc. the flu and related complications are the age leading cause of death in the united states. >> still new crack down on cell phone theft and what is being done to keep you safe. >> and there is a wake up call about insomnia coming up next. >> and what an awesome live view from our mount tam camera
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looking over the bay. blue skies and high clouds but some dark low clouds near the coast. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. >> and taking a look right now at the golden gate bridge things are sailing along here in both directions for drivers trying to make their way into san francisco as well as drivers heading over golden gate bridge into marin county. stay with us.
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sky fall, adele's newest song headed for the hot 100 list and big bird may have gone into hiding. and orlando cruz, the boxer who came out as gay this week. >> and checking healthy living news, a new study show that's free birth control may have reduced the number after borgss and teen pregnancies. researchers in washington university school of medicine gave contraceptives to 9,000 women for three years ask say in that time abortion rates were 75% lower than national average. the report appears in the current edition of the journal of obstetrics and gynecology. >> there is a study in the
4:39 pm
archives of general psych ki tri saying it causes 7% of work place accidents. researchers project that cost is about $31 billion a year. saying findings suggest screenings and treatment would reduce errors, accidents and injury autos and an 11-year-old boy in russia made a discovery for age that's covers at least 10 mill lenna. the boy found a limps of an ancient animal sticking out of frozen mud. and they then excavated a woolly mammoth. they say the young bull was about 15 years old when it died, at least 10,000 years ago. >> that is amazing. >> what a kind. >> yes. it's the third finding. >> one in san francisco. >> that is right. right. >> and not the entire mammoth.
4:40 pm
>> not the whole thing. >> and taking a look at weather it's going to be a pleasant day. 67 in los angeles there is a lovely asaturday starting with mainly sunny skies into afternoon hours, there is a nice mild temperature range. there is a lot going on here partly cloudy skies, mainly sunny skies gearing up for the display of the blue angels into afternoon starting at 1:00 gearing up for races at 4:00 p.m. sunny skies, mild conditions, temperatures into evening hours we'll see partly cloudy skies and there is playoff baseball at ask t park there are giants take on reds.
4:41 pm
and there is partly cloudy skies, temperatures dropping from low 60s to upper 50s so this looks like great conditions for baseball and there is a great weekend. going to be wild and there is earlier you mentioned, take public transportation. >> partly cloudy means partly clear. >> and thank you. >> if you're a baseball fan we want to see your post season pride, e mail giants and a fan photos to you report at we'll be showing them on the air and look how cute she is. >> and just ahead of cracking down on cell phone theft. why san francisco is doing to help keep you safe and surveillance videos that show the crooks in action. it's a story only on abc 7
4:42 pm
news. >> coming up at 5:00 explosive details reveal what a principal knew about a teacher accused of molestation and susan kkomen turns down donations from a dirty little web site.
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cell phone robberies becoming an epidemic, everywhere, on the streets, gun point. another spot is muni buses. abc 7 news joins us live in the newsroom with exclusive surveillance video showing what's happening daily on muni. vic? >> just to give you an idea there is a review of crime inincidents and found three of the seven were robberies of cell phones. there are 4,000 robberies between january and august. police say about half of them targeted cell phones. many of the thefts on muni. >> there are officers have
4:46 pm
seen a lot of camera videos and showed several of them to abc 7 news. >> cheblging the door again. it's got to be clear. he doesn't want them to see them. >> the woman has been preoccupied with her smart phone. the thief who will steel it is behind her keeping an eye on his surroundings and the prize. >> there is looking at the door, at the phone. >> the bus is about to stop. the robber is getting ready. it happens quickly. he snatches the phone from her hands and runs off the bus. here it is again. this is in a split second. >> you should be looking up every time. >> some are more brazen.
4:47 pm
there is one in a black hoody standing by the door. the woman about to be a victim is wearing a white cap. she's talking on the phone. the officer says the m.oo is almost always the same. he snatches the phone right out of her hand as she's talking and says it's easy to prevent becoming a victim. >> just take a moment to stop and look around. see who is around you. who is standing by you?. >> simple advice. take a moment, look around you. the robber, he says, usually always stands or sits near you. sometimes, just having eye contact with a robber may stop them from choosing you as a victim. and just before it stops you stop using your device. >> thank you. >> and there is a the new iphone that sold millions but is it worth the money? >> there is consumer reports
4:48 pm
just finished testing iphone 5 now the fastest an droid phone but here are the pros and cons of apple versus android. >> in this commercial, samsung makes fun of apple fans claiming the android fans have had better features than the iphone 5 for ages. back in the lab consumer reports testing options. everyone wants a big screen to watch movies. the iphone 5 is apple's biggest, yet. it can't compare. >> voice control is another area of competition, here, the capabilities are good. they're no match for siri who
4:49 pm
can understand more commands and there find me a theater playing a bruce willis movie. >> next up, navigation. >> an droid has better traffic information and more customization. apple has glitches and until those are worked out, anddroid carries the day. >> do you howe do cameras affect your voice chois? both have ability to take stilz consumer reports finds when it comes to photo quality, iphone 5 outperformed competition. >> there is some restaurants online. >> and there is on very on or sprint. it get many things right there is is making them worth
4:50 pm
consideration. due to improvements over the iphone 4 is the, the iphone 5 is among consumer reports top-rated phones up there are with motorola razr. >> there is still to come at 4:00 a special pixar screening. >> and a controversial web site taking on parents sharing too much online and why it's making
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latest chapter in parenting wars. a blogger has taking on parents who just cannot stop bragging about their kids online. abc news has that story. >> this is a blog with mom
4:54 pm
yeez up in arms. titled stfu parents. it's stirring up a debate about oversharing pairnlal experiences play fully dubbed endless parenting. oversharenting was lampooned m the movie what to expect when you're expecting. >> i just got bacne. >> this 30-year-old blair konig launched the site as a place to share laughs over tmi-related parenting posts like misplaced kid poop, detailed delivery room updates and photos you may think are cute but may not be meant for the world to see. get this. the woman behind the site isn't even a mom. >> i do think she's a bit
4:55 pm
harsh in crossing a line in taking these comments out of the context in which they were made within the community they were made. >> thursday, she appeared on the ricki lake show. >> i don't want to poke fun at any one person, more like highlighting what i'm seeing. >> she told us when we don't edit we drift from sharing into oversharing sm. times, particularly on social media, less is more. some people understand. >> i'm sick of it. post something useful. >> this facebook is you can choose not to see it. >> the etiquette is still up for debate. >> i think what you see within communities are people sharing exkbreernss that help them to know how to deal with that. so there are times when this can have rel rens. -- rel convenience. >> today marks a year since passing of steve jobs.
4:56 pm
the company he created paid a fitting tribute remembering him in a video posted online. >> it's technology kpaered with liberal parts that yields us result that makes our hearts sing. >> in cupertino the city blue flag is flying at half staff today. >> if you want to know what pixar is doing they're making movies like this one. this is created by employees of the studio. some took keeks to make and others, 10 years, the creator say it's a way of stretching beyond their regular work making blockbuster hits. >> keeps juices flowing of
4:57 pm
create activity and inspiration. >> if you want to see these the movies will be tonight as part of the first friday and projected on to the great wall of oakland located on west grand avenue. and that is around 8:00 p.m. i want to remind you about the alarm clock app and there are news headlights the moment you wake up. >> thank you very much. coming up explosive details in a teacher molestation case unsealed documents that show what a principal knew. >> and how much it will cost you noi now that our gas prices are soaring higher than even hawaii autos and.
4:58 pm
>> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> gas prices in california are on the verge of breaking an all time record. >> there are prices surging up 20 cents overnight, now surpassing the price in hawaii. abc 7 news is live in walnut creek tonight and everyone wants to know if and when relief is coming up. >> and dan, we saw this morning here in the bay area that analysts predict the number could go higher, over $6 per kbal onbefore this is over. >> this is outrageous. >> customers like these have had their fill of a stunning overnight price increase. >> i should have got gas last
4:59 pm
night thinking maybe it will go down tomorrow, not the case. >> is there a breaking point for you? $5 a gallon? >> when you need gas, you need gas. you're stuck. >> there have been supply disruptions in the state. >> kevin bornstein says the refinery fire in august is just one of several factors contributing to the high pieses. >> there has been an exxon refinery with an out raj. there is a a pipeline that is having problems. >> there is apparently the station owner didn't have enough 5s so i flipped over twos. if this keeps shooting up, this driver told us it

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